IFS-Informed EMDR Consultation

Hello, those who are EMDR trained and either IFS trained or IFS curious! I am an EMDRIA certified consultant in training and IFS Level 3 trained therapist offering group and individual consultation in IFS-informed EMDR.
EMDR standard protocol is extremely powerful. We trust the process because we see what it can do, but many EMDR trained clinicians hold tight to the protocols without much insight or attunement to what parts may be at play before and during processing. This can leave the client feeling alone and the clinician feeling clueless when there are stuck points in the process. Too often, well-meaning clinicians are left scrambling for other protocols for getting unstuck.
IFS can be a powerful lens to help us attune to our client and our client’s parts all along the way. When stuck points come up, we have a way of exploring them with the client and developing a deeper relationship with their parts, creating more safety, healing, attunement, and even additional ways of healing.
If you are interested in consultation, feel free to message me. My rate is $250/hr for individual consultation or $50/hr for group consultation.  I also offer 5 hour consultation intensives, which include some education on EMDR and IFS, as well as case consultation. If you are looking to get your certification hours quickly or immerse yourself in the IFS-informed EMDR world, I welcome hearing from you.
If you are interested, feel free to DM me, text me at 424-571-2273 or email me at rose@counselingsocal.com. You can read more about me and my practice at https://counselingsocal.com